Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers in Valdosta Can Put an End to the Harassment

Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers in Valdosta area can help you to find some peace and put an end to harassing phone calls. How many times a day do your creditors call? Are they threatening to take your car? Are they threatening legal action? Is your home facing foreclosure? You have the power to put an end to all of the harassment! Creditors and debt collectors can be brutal. They will go to the extreme to try to collect on their debt whether it is almost paid off or not. You have to go to the extreme to make it stop. A bankruptcy lawyer can show you how to put an end to the madness.

Automatic Stay

There is a provision of the bankruptcy law that puts an end to all of the harassment so that you can finally sit down and think about your finances without the constant threat of:

  • Repossessions
  • Foreclosures
  • Wage garnishments

When a bankruptcy case is filed the protection is immediate. From the moment you file the case and your creditors are notified that there is a case pending in bankruptcy court your creditors are forbidden to contact you. They are also barred from filing a suit against you. They cannot repossess your possessions and they cannot foreclose on your home. There is a litany of things that creditors can no longer do once that case has been filed. The automatic stay stops all the harassment!

Fair Treatment

Creditors are not known for their fairness. In many cases they seemingly turn from friendly accommodating institutions to thugs that will run you down verbally to try to get you to pay your debts. In most cases people want to pay their debts. They do not want to have to seek relief but they are forced into by creditors that just will not work with them. A lawyer that focuses on bankruptcy law can help you to even the playing field a bit and make sure that you are treated fairly. High interest rates can be reduced, terms can be rewritten and other steps can be taken to ensure that you do receive fair treatment. The creditors have an army of attorneys in their corner that help them harass you. You need a lawyer in your corner to make the harassment stop and to ensure you are being treated fairly!

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