Discussing Wage Losses with an Accident Attorney Atlanta Professional

Has an auto accident left you unable to work? If so, you have probably lost some of your wages that you need to cover your living expenses and other bills. In most cases, the party responsible for the accident can be held responsible for paying those wages. Here are some things you should know from your accident attorney Atlanta professional about lost wages and how to determine if you can recover them from the defendant.

Insurance Policies
There are basically two types of insurance policies that may help you recoup lost wages following an auto accident. The first is a Personal Injury Protection policy, or PIP. This is commonly referred to as ďno faultĒ insurance and it will protect you regarding lost wages whether you were the cause of the accident or the other driver is to blame for the accident. This type of policy is required in several states, but itís only an option in other states if itís even available.

The other type of policy is bodily injury liability. This covers you for lost wages if you were not the driver who was at fault for the auto accident. With this type of policy, you would file a claim against the other driverís insurance company to recoup your lost wages that were a direct result of the injuries you sustained in the accident.

Proving Your Injuries
Recouping lost wages can be a difficult task. Thatís why you need an accident attorney Atlanta professional working on your side. One of the main things you will need to do to be successful with this claim is to prove your injuries. You should have any medical records that discuss the injuries resulting from your accident along with a description from your physician or other medical professional as to why those injuries prevent you from working.

Documenting Your Losses
Another thing youíll need to do to prove your lost wages is to have a statement from your employer. This statement should include the number of days you have missed along with information about how much you would have been paid during that time. For injuries that will cause you to continue to miss work even after the court trial is over, youíll need to document the loss of your earning potential as well.

Other Information
Depending on the individual case, the defendantís insurance company may want more. The adjuster might want to schedule an interview with your employer or they might request to see your medical records. Your accident attorney will help determine if more action is necessary so you can recoup your lost wages and other expenses.

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