Impacts of Car Accident in Minneapolis

by | Mar 15, 2013 | Lawyers


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Road accidents have become an ever rising threat. According to WHO (world health organization) statistics, 25 million people have been killed or mortally injured in road accidents since 1896. After all the improvements and advancements in automobile safety technologies sector nearly 1.2 million are killed in road accidents annually around the world which makes car accident in Minneapolis no exception really. There are many causes which lead to accidents and deaths, however, accidents can be avoided by following traffic laws, defensive driving, and responsible behavior.

Implications of a Car Accident

Car accidents have become global issue as it’s a direct cause other than terrorism which causes unnecessary deaths and mortal injuries with permanent damages. There are numerous factors which lead to accidents; such as traffic law violation, road and weather conditions, driver’s error, mechanical failure, and distract driving. If you are caught up in a car accident, the first step is to find out the extent of your injuries and call ambulance if you need help. Next contact police – even in a minor accident – and file a report before leaving the scene. In case you are not seriously injured then try to establish some facts; such as names and address of people involved, and descriptions and license plate numbers. Try to alert your insurance company or agent without delay so that your case can be processed immediately after the accident.

Medical and Insurance Issues

In most cases, negligence is a root cause for an accident. Insurance company or agent must be alerted at once so that damages and claims can be determined. Negligent parties or their insurance companies are liable to pay medical bills, damages, and other loses when negligence has been established and proved. No-fault insurance law states that a victim is eligible to receive compensation for medical expenses, property repair expense, and lost income. You must at once after the accident consult an auto accident attorney in order to receive full settlement.

Importance of Legal Representative

A car accident in Minneapolis or any other place can be a very distressing experience not to mention property damages and fatal injuries. Usually insurance companies are not averse to cause untold problems and delays. Most of the times victims are not equipped or informed to fight insurance companies that’s why it is important to consult an automobile accident attorney. An experienced car accident attorney determines all the facts and prepares a strong case to ensure just compensation for victim. A car accident attorney works closely with medical and financial professionals to bring in all the support, extent of damages, and appropriate value. Since most cases of accidents are tend to settle out of court with defendant’s insurance company, your attorney is a right person to deal with it as he/she is skilled negotiator as oppose to you. An automobile attorney must be consulted at once, as car accidents come under a “statue of limitation” which is a time limit to file a personal injury lawsuit to obtain compensation.


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