Does Your Injury or Illness Fall Under Workers Compensation?

In order to claim workers compensation in Iowa City, IA, you will need to prove that your illness or injury was work related. However, not all injuries and illnesses will count. Typically, if you were doing some type of action that your employer asked you to do as part of your job and get injured, this would count as workers compensation. Though this may seem pretty cut and dry, it isn’t always as simple as it looks. Some situations will be very black and white, but as with anything, there is always going to be a grey area and in that case, you will definitely need to seek the services of an attorney.

Common Situations Which May or May Not be Covered

There are plenty of common situations that occur and many times, there is a question of whether or not these situations fall under workers compensation. One of these is an injury or illness that takes place during a lunch break. In most cases, injuries as well as illnesses that happen during lunch would not be covered by workers compensation. The only exception would be situations where you were asked to go out, like if you were going out to pick up lunch for the office.

Another common situation that is often ask about is a work function. Perhaps you were dancing at the company holiday party and take a spill, injuring yourself and a coworker. In most cases, these injuries would be covered by this insurance. Even if you are under the influence of alcohol at this function, you may still have a case since it was a work related function and they chose to serve alcohol.

Other Situations That May or May Not be Part by Workers Compensation

In addition to those listed above, there are other situations that are often questioned when it comes to workers compensation. One of these is travel. Coming to work and traveling home from work will not be covered by workers compensation. However, if you are traveling for your job, such as during a business trip, an illness or injury will likely be covered.

Misconduct is one that is also often questioned. In this case, misconduct would be described as something that an employee is doing that violates company policy. Many times, workers compensation would be denied but there are other times, where it could be approved. This is definitely one of those grey areas where an expert would have to look at the situation.

If you feel that you have a case for workers compensation in Iowa City, IA, it is advisable to seek the advice of an workers compensation attorney in Iowa City, IA who specializes in this type of law. You can find one locally by asking friend and family, a medical practitioner or by researching on your own.

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