The Reason You Need a Criminal Lawyer in Philadelphia

When you commit a crime, the time following your arrest could be filled with a lot of confusion, especially if it is your first offense. Rather than trying to navigate the system yourself and putting your future at risk, you should hire a criminal lawyer in Philadelphia to represent you. There are many areas in which you will need his assistance to make the next few months as stress free as possible.

Figuring Out the Next Step

After you are arrested, you will have to determine what the next step is. If you were able to make bail, you might be out of jail, but you still have many requirements you need to follow. Even if you think you know all your rights and what you can and cannot do, it is best to consult with a lawyer to determine the next course of action.

Prepare for the First Meeting

The first meeting with your criminal lawyer in Philadelphia is one of the most important meetings you will have. It is important to arrive at your meeting as prepared as possible. Have any pertinent paperwork in your possession, as well as be ready to answer many questions regarding your crime and the events that led up to it. If you are in jail, your lawyer can come to the cell to discuss your case with you there.

Going to Court

Whether you are dealing with your first offense or you are a repeat offender, you will have to go court. While a repeat offender will have a more difficult time in court, even first-time offenders need proper legal representation. Even a crime you consider minor could land you in jail if the court case is not handled correctly. Rely on the expertise of a lawyer to ensure you have all necessary documents and have covered all your bases to ensure you have a successful outcome.

If you have committed a crime, it is important to have the expertise of a criminal lawyer in Philadelphia on your side. The right lawyer will inform you of your next steps. The first meeting is the most important because it sets the basis for your entire case, but every meeting plays a vital role. Your lawyer can help prepare your case, as well as defend you in court to increase the odds of the most favorable outcome.

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