Domain Name Laws and Why You May Need a Lawyer

Are you starting a new business online or getting a new website? If so, this is probably a very exciting, though stressful, time for you. Having your own website and Domain Name Missouri is certainly a part of the process, but did you know that you may need some legal assistance to protect it? Domain names are subject to certain laws and most people generally are not aware of them. When you think of the millions of domain names out there, there is really no doubt that some sort of regulation needs to be put into place. If you have a Domain Name Missouri, you definitely need to be aware of some of this information.

Domain Names are Seen as Trademarks
In this day and age, domain names are seen as similar to trademarks to many consumers. Why? Because consumers see these names as a brand. Since this is the case, there have been several well known disputes concerning domain names and companies have demanded action over the years so that they can protect their domain names. For example, suppose two companies in Missouri sell St. Louis souvenir coffee mugs online. The goal of the company is to make the easiest domain names possible for consumers to remember. Both want the site, but only one can have it. This is where domain name law will come into play.

Because only one company can have a domain name, it is easy to see how disputes can start and why you may need the services of an attorney trained in trademarks and domains.

Bigger Problems for Those Seeking Domain Names
Though disputes between two businesses is common, another practice can be even more problematic. This practice is known as “cyber squatting”. Cyber squatting is where someone will buy and register a domain name with no intent to use it. The only intention they have is to sell the site, as well as the domain name, at an inflated price. For example, using the example above, perhaps your company is known as Mary’s Mugs. You have a few retail stores and want to sell online as well. You try to register and find that someone already owns it, but the page is blank. You may also find that it has your logo or information on it, but without your permission. The owner of the page will likely try to sell it to you for an inflated price because they know that a website known as is the greatest marketing tool you can have. Any other domain name will not be as successful.

If this has happened to you or you are having other legal issues with a domain name, make sure to contact a local attorney. You may have a very good case on your hands.

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