Things not to do if you are arrested

by | Mar 28, 2013 | Lawyers, Legal Services


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Arrests in Cambridge MD are a common occurrence, people are arrested for things that they did do and even things that they did not do. If you suffer arrests in Cambridge MD here are a few things that you should not do.

Don’t try to talk your way out of it:
The arresting officer is not the person who is going to determine your guilt or innocence, the court is. The officer only needs probable cause to arrest you for committing a crime. If you attempt to sway the officer you may find that you have said something that when used in court, will be detrimental to your case. You will have been read your rights, so keep quiet and get a lawyer.

Don’t try to escape:
Don’t think you can outrun a bunch of converging squad cars. Even if you are the passenger in a car pulled over, don’t run. The police may think that you are perhaps carrying a weapon and they will chase you down, innocent or not.

Sit back and be quite in the police car:
The hardest cases for arrests in Cambridge MD for a criminal defense lawyer are cases where the accused just won’t shut up. Perhaps it’s nerves or fear of the unknown, but may people who have been arrested will start talking when the police have not asked anything. During trial, the judge will discount anything that the accused said in his own defense but the judge will give great credibility to anything that he said that hurt him.

Deny a request to search:
If the police ask your permission to search you, your vehicle or anywhere else, do not give it to them. If the police ask your permission there is a good chance they don’t think they the right. If the arrests in Cambridge MD are witnessed by bystanders’, state loud enough for them to hear, “you do not have the right to search me.” If you have a witness to this effect anything the police find will be excluded from the evidence.

Don’t participate in a search:
If the police have a search warrant for your home, do not help them by inadvertently looking in the direction of where you don’t want them to look. Don’t react at all, don’t respond to questions.

Do not resist arrests in Cambridge MD:
Whatever you do, do not push a policeman or try to swat his hands when he attempts to handcuff you. This act is assaulting a police officer and you can very quickly go from being arrested for a misdemeanor to a criminal charge. A passive move is acceptable but a physical move can result in a major problems.
If you are arrested, just go quietly. Give the police no reason to enter your home or car, assert your rights just as they will assert theirs.

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