Drafting a Will – Why Hiring a Family Law Attorney in Sullivan, Indiana Matters

by | May 12, 2015 | Family Law and Divorce


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There is no doubt that no one lives forever. At some point, it pays to think of what will happen to assets and personal possessions when death comes. The most practical way to make sure those belongings are passed on to the right people is to draft a last will and testament. Getting help from a family law attorney in Sullivan, Indiana will make it easier to ensure the will does what the client wants.

Accounting for All Assets

One of the things that a family law attorney in Sullivan, Indiana can do is help the client prepare a listing of all assets and personal belongings that need to be mentioned specifically in the will. The goal is to ensure that when the time comes, those belongings will end up in the hands of specific individuals. There will be no chance for loved ones to quibble over who gets a piece of jewelry or which one was promised the deed to the lake house. With everything accounted for in the terms of the will, settling the estate will be much easier.

Logical Order and the Will

The attorney can help bring some order and logic to the construction of the will. When left to manage the task alone, it is easy to ramble on about things that may or may not need to be mentioned in the document. With the help of legal counsel, it is possible to keep everything organized within the document and ensure nothing is overlooked.

Making Amendments

One of the things many people do with wills is draft them and then forget to make updates as life circumstances change. Issues like divorce and remarriage, the death of a child, or the birth of a new son or daughter, and even selling off assets mentioned in the will, calls for making some updates to the text. For this reason, the attorney will recommend getting together every couple of years and seeing if some changes are in order.

For anyone who does not currently have a last will and testament in place, visit the website and make an appointment today. Once the task is done, it will be easier to rest assured that loved ones are provided for, and there will be no question about who gets what.

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