Last Wills and Testaments: Why Advice from a Family Law Lawyer Scranton, PA Matters

It’s possible to go online and find all sorts of examples of last wills and testaments. Those who want to go one step further can purchase kits touted to provide everything needed to create a viable will. While those resources are helpful up to a point, it still makes sense to consult a Family Law Lawyer Scranton PA. Here are some of the ways the lawyer can help with this project.

Application of Local Laws

One of the things that many people don’t understand is how laws related to last wills and testaments vary from one jurisdiction to another. Even though there are many similarities, paying attention to those nuances is essential if the client wants a document that will hold up in court. The family law lawyer in Scranton, PA is aware of local laws bearing on the creation of these types of documents and can ensure the wishes of the client are clearly spelled out in the text and in line with those laws.

Covering All the Bases

While the client already has a basic draft in place, there is the possibility something was overlooked. A lawyer can read the document and come up with several questions. For example, what would happen with the family silver if the spouse passes away first? In the event a divorce or another marriage takes place after the will is drafted, how will the assets be divided? By exploring these possibilities, it’s easier to make sure contingencies are included in the conditions of the will.

Addressing the Distribution of Personal Belongings

Many people believe wills are intended to address the matter of distributing financial assets. While that is certainly a large part of the goal, there is also room to include remembering people who would love to have something having more sentimental than monetary value. The lawyer can help the client frame a listing of personal belongings like record collections, books, and other items and identify who is to receive those items as appreciation for being a part of the client’s life.

If the individual does not have a last will and testament in place, today is the day to change that. Visit and schedule an appointment to discuss the preparation of a will. Doing so will save loved ones a lot of time and frustration when the individual passes away.

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