DWI Law Attorneys in Woodbridge, NJ Will Fight to Protect Your Rights

Receiving a DWI infraction in the state of New Jersey can be devastating. Anyone who has been ticketed for a DWI will need Dwi Law Attorneys Woodbridge NJ. Contacting an attorney for representation as soon as possible will allow the lawyer a little more time to investigate the arrest and circumstances to help build a defense for the accused.

The legal investigation may include requesting to see police reports and interviewing witnesses. In some cases, the arresting police officer can be interviewed. If there are any videotapes or photographs at the scene, those will also be collected by the attorney.

Once the attorney has collected evidence and spoken to the accused, a defense will be designed to use in court, which will hopefully lead to a dismissal. New Jersey laws are very strict on intoxicated drivers. Having experienced attorneys such as Harrell Smith and Williams LLC in Woodbridge NJ could mean the difference between jail time and loss of operator’s license to walking away with no penalty at all.

Dwi Law Attorneys Woodbridge NJ will take command of a case once they are called in for representation. First and foremost, the accused will be directed to plead not guilty. It is on the prosecution to prove guilt, not the other way around. After examining all of the evidence an attorney will determine the angle that will be used to protect the accused. Once the defense is built, the attorney will present it as needed to refute the prosecution’s proof of guilt.

The key for the best defense is to look for technicalities that will cause certain damaging evidence to be thrown out. Hardly any arrest is perfect, and that is what the lawyer will be looking for. Since there is no plea bargaining in New Jersey when arrested for a DWI, the only way to get the charges reduced is to find mistakes in the arrest procedures. If the accused was breath tested, the attorney will critically dissect the process and the equipment used as these are the most common places to look for technicalities. Then, other police procedures will be scrutinized to make sure no rights were violated.

Should you find yourself in the position of needing a great defense, contact the Dwi Law Attroneys Woodbridge NJ. Time is of the essence in a DWI case. The sooner the lawyers are called after an arrest, the sooner they can begin preparing a successful plan for release.

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