Mankato DWI Lawyers Help Clients Avoid Mistakes

When DWI charges are filed against a person, their actions in the following days can affect their case. To clarify how an accused driver’s actions can affect the cases built by Mankato DWI Lawyers, this guide lists some of the most common mistakes to avoid when facing charges.

Driving With a Suspended License

Taking such a risk can result in the filing of criminal charges. In some cases, prosecutors may use it to establish a pattern of traffic law violations, as well as a lack of remorse. These factors can weaken a person’s defense, and they can also limit the likelihood of a favorable plea deal.

Taking to Social Media

When an accused driver tries to tell his or her story on social media, they may end up weakening their case as well. This is because of the fact that prosecutors can use a driver’s social media posts as evidence that they weren’t telling the truth about what happened.

Forgetting About the DMV’s Case

After a DUI arrest, the court case is typically the primary focus. However, there’s another case: the DMV’s administrative hearing. Drivers should focus on it in efforts to keep their license, and they should know that they may only have a few days to request a hearing.

Skipping Court Dates

Missing a court date can make it seem as if a driver isn’t serious about their case, and in some instances, it may result in a bench warrant being issued. Mankato DWI Lawyers will advise their clients to attend all court dates, no matter how tedious it may seem.

Immediately Entering a Guilty Plea

Defendants often make this mistake when they feel as if they’re out of options. However, there may be ways to defend a case, and being too eager to plead guilty can prevent the defendant from learning about or pursuing these options.

Forgoing Legal Representation

This is one of the most serious mistakes a defendant can make when facing DWI charges. A skilled lawyer can help a client determine the best possible defense options for their case. For more information, visit or call the office today.

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