How an Experienced Accident Attorney Will Prepare for a Car Accident Case

Considering the huge physical and recuperative challenges that many car accident victims face, it can be difficult for them to go to court to fight for compensation from the negligent party. With the constant pain and suffering that can accompany severe body injuries, it should come as no surprise that recovering automobile accident victims may prefer to mend rather than file an accident lawsuit. Experienced accident lawyers at the law offices of Alpern Schupert P.C. understand the trepidation that accidents victims go through and are committed to helping them fight for their rights. Regardless of the cause of the accident, a proficient Accident Attorney can provide the needed legal support to navigate through these types of cases.

During the initial stages of an auto accident claim, the accident lawyer will review the details of the case to determine the fault of the other driver. The lawyer will try to determine whether the other driver was operating the vehicle while intoxicated, failed to pay attention to traffic conditions or was distracted by a cell phone. In this stage, it is important that the injured person provide their lawyer with all the relevant facts of the accident. These details should include any information collected at the scene of the crash, such as location of the crash, date and time of the accident, names, driver’s license numbers and car insurance carriers of the other driver among other essential details.

Since most accident lawsuits involve claims for damages that include hospitalization and medical costs, the claimant should also provide the lawyer with a medical report. The medical report should detail any and all injuries related to the accident. Some of the key items that can help the attorney to determine the amount of compensation one should receive include:

1. Medical bills and hospital statements
2. Physician’s report
3. Copies of any accident-related correspondence between the claimant and opposite party
4. Billing receipts for on-going medical treatments or physical therapies
5. A tally of work days lost and equivalent loss of income because of the accident

Using the available information, the Accident Attorney will create a claim that will be the basis for the case. They will guide the claimant professionally throughout the entire claim process and legal proceedings. For additional details on the kind of evidence needed to prove the liability of the other party, and how to hire an accident lawyer, please visit

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