Steps Taken By A Slip And Fall Accident Attorney In Boston, MA

Massachusetts residents will face unavoidable probabilities in their lives. Among them are potential injuries that could occur in a public setting. This could include a shopping center or local attraction. These probabilities could lead to severe injuries for the victims. When these events occur, a Slip And Fall Accident Attorney Boston MA can help the victim file a formal claim.

Establish Previous Knowledge

A common occurrence in premises liabilities is previous knowledge of the hazardous conditions. A failure to remedy this condition makes the owner liable. The only exception is when the property is leased or otherwise secured for an event. When this is the case, the host must provide certain services such as clean-up or security. These services are used to prevent liabilities associated with conditions connected to these services.

Identify How the Property Owner is Liable

The property owner is liable if they owed a duty to the victim. This indicates that they were required to keep the property free of hazards. This applies to unsafe conditions inside shopping centers or any areas that are accessible by the public. Under these circumstances, the owner must maintain the property to prevent accidents. A failure to maintain the property makes them liable for medical costs incurred by the victim.

Establish Lawful Entry or Visitation

The first element that an attorney must establish is that the victim had a legal right to be on the property. With shopping centers, customers are allowed to enter the property legally if they are open for business. With a private property, the victim enters the property lawfully if they were invited or were performing a service. This includes individuals who were required to enter the property as a requirement of their job.

Massachusetts residents have a legal right to compensation if they are a victim of premises liability. This indicates that they were injured due to a failure on the property owner’s part. This includes a failure to repair hazardous conditions properly. A premises liability exists if the owner had knowledge of these conditions and failed to correct them. Residents who were injured due to these circumstances should contact a Slip And Fall Accident Attorney Boston MA to Get a FREE consultation today.

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