How Just Compensation can be Availed of through the Efforts of Personal Injury Lawyer Portland OR

by | Aug 29, 2012 | Lawyers


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Not all road accidents require the services of a personal injury lawyer. If it is simple road accident where the damages incurred is a minor fender bender, the claims can be settled amicably between the parties. However, many accidents result in injuries necessitating hospitalization even therapy. These are the cases where the next logical step that has to be made by the victim or the family is to consult with Personal Injury Lawyer Portland OR. The accident lawyer knows the steps that should be made in cases of accidents. They are the ones who know the law including insurance laws.

After suffering from the trauma caused by an accident not to mention suffering from pain of injuries, the victim and the family is often at a loss on what should be done. Not many people are exposed to accidents and they are not familiar with just compensation or insurance laws. More often than not, insurance companies will be in hurry to settle the claim and will offer what they think is enough for the victim. Insurance is a big business and insurance lawyers are working for their clients. It is only expected that these lawyers will not want their client to be paying large amounts of money in insurance claims.

Without the immediate assistance of the personal injury lawyer, the victim and his family are made to believe that what is being paid by the insurance company is just compensation according to law. Many injuries arising from car accidents result to thousands of dollars in hospitalization expenses and medical bills not to mention other future expenses that may arise from the injury. The Personal Injury Lawyer Portland OR will help you navigate the process without losing the money that you deserve as compensation for all the pain and suffering, wages lost including medical and hospitalization expenses.

Insurance lawyers do not want the claims to reach the courts since juries are known to award large damages to cases involving personal injury claims. The lawyers will try as much as possible to settle the claims out of court but with the legal representation of a personal injury lawyer, the victim is assured that he will get the just compensation that he is entitled to. The personal injury lawyer will also take into account your personal circumstances and your willingness to settle out of court.

If you decide to fight for your case in court, your accident lawyer will represent you but it may take a longer time for the case to be settled considering the number of cases being heard in urban areas. The verdict may take a few years or so but you can be very sure that your accident lawyer will working for your best interests.

If you don’t hire an accident attorney, you get your claim easily and quickly but will you be happy with the settlement? Will you be able to claim for further damages in case the effects of the accidents manifest itself after a few years? No, because you will be signing an affidavit relinquishing further claims.



Every person has right to legal representation from Personal Injury Lawyer Portland OR to receive the full force of justice in an accident. For more details, log on to

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