Punishment Fits The Crime

Have you been accused of a crime you did not commit?  Do you feel it is a case of mistaken identity or a case where someone is out to harm you?  If you answered yes, you need a reputable criminal attorney in Milwaukee to represent you.  Even though you may just be charged with a crime or suspected of a crime, an attorney will guide you through what to say or not say and how to ensure the charges are dropped.

You need someone on your side who will fight for you and believe in you.  The majority of criminal attorneys understand that they be defending someone who did commit a crime but they will still fight for justice to be done. This means the defendant should be treated fairly during arraignment and should receive a speedy trial.  Regardless of their guilt or innocence,  a person deserves to be treated fairly and receive the option for bail or remand and to have a jury of their peers determine their guilt or innocence.  They are also entitled to have the option to go to trial or receive a plea bargain that is appealing and fair to them.

If you are innocent, the stakes are much higher.  You do not want the case to be placed on your permanent record nor do you want the reputation attached to you that says you are a criminal.  This is not fair and should not be part of your identity.  An educated criminal attorney in Milwaukee will fight for you and do their very best to prove your innocence.  While it still may be up to a jury and judge to decide, a strong criminal attorney in Milwaukee will use case law, evidence, eyewitness testimony, and even the powers of persuasion to prove your innocence.  A knowledgeable attorney will even use the jury selection to have a true jury of your peers on your side that can empathize with you and the way you are being unfairly convicted and tried.  With that jury on your side, they can reach a verdict that will prove your innocence.  Once your innocence has been proven, a criminal attorney in Milwaukee can then go so far as to sue the other party for defamation of character and bring true justice to you.  When the public sees how wrong the other side was for even mentioning you in this crime, you will be vindicated.

Criminal Attorney Milwaukee For over 25 years, Peter J. Heflin, Attorney at Law offers the highest quality criminal defense cases including felonies, misdemeanors, homicides, sexual assault and many other criminal cases.

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