Learning About Medical Malpractice In New Iberia, LA

Unfortunately, patients can be injured during medical treatment. This is one of many scenarios for a medical malpractice claim. Other examples include birth injuries and being given the wrong medicine. There are three elements of a medical malpractice claim. First, you must have been the doctor’s patient. This is easy to prove if the doctor sees you on a regular basis. Next, the doctor’s negligence must be proven. For example, negligence does not mean a patient is unhappy with face-lift results. Rather, negligence may occur if the doctor leaves a permanent scar. The law requires doctors to be “reasonably skillful and careful.” To file a claim, the patient must have testimony from an independent doctor. This doctor must verify that negligence occurred.

Talk to a lawyer that handles Medical Malpractice in New Iberia LA. Visit the website of chrisrichardattorney.com to make an appointment. It is critical to speak with an attorney. They will investigate whether all the elements of a claim exist. The final element is proof that the injury was caused by negligence. Sometimes, this element may be hard to prove. For instance, a doctor can make a mistake and the patient dies. However, negligence is hard to prove if the patient was terminally ill. The lawyer must prove whether the mistake or illness caused the death. Additionally, claimant’s do not have a claim without damages. Victims must prove they suffered physical pain and mental anguish. In addition, they may have medical bills or lost time from work.

There are three types of Medical Malpractice in New Iberia LA. First, malpractice may occur if a doctor fails to diagnose a problem. The lawyer must prove that a competent doctor would have made the diagnosis. Further, the patient would have been better off with the proper diagnosis. Another form of malpractice occurs when a doctor gives a patient the wrong treatment. An example of this would be a doctor who operates on the wrong leg. This is why hospitals take so many precautions before surgery. They even label the correct body part with a marker. Doctors are also negligent if they fail to warn patients about possible treatment complications. This comes into play if the patient is harmed by an unknown complication. If you have a claim, consult a lawyer today.

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