Looking after your estate – during your lifetime and after!

Whether you have a vast multi-million dollar estate, or whether you are someone with only modest resources. If you care about ensuring that your hard earned wealth is put to use the way you intended, after you pass, then you need to consult with an estate planning lawyer in Lancaster County today.

Life is very uncertain, and there’s no telling what tomorrow might bring. You’ve worked hard to build your estate, and you have the right to plan how it is put to good use. By procrastinating or putting off consulting with a good estate planning lawyer in Lancaster County as soon as possible, you are only delaying the inevitable. And every day you delay having those consultations, you put your estate at risk. If you pass or are incapacitated suddenly, then people other than yourself – maybe even the State – might have a final say about your estate!

You may find many “Do It Yourself” (DIY) kits for estate planning and other matters related to your estate. Those “Step by step” guides are really cookie-cutter templates, meant to cover a broad spectrum of needs. However, individuals, especially those with modest levels of wealth, need to realize that one size does not always fit all. And even a slight miscalculation in matters of the law can have unintended consequences for your estate.

Estate planning professionals deliver two very crucial services that no DIY can provide. Firstly, while you are still alive they deliver ongoing advice and counsel, related to your estate, that is dynamically customized to your current situation and the existing legal and economic framework. To receive the most current guidelines from a DIY kit, you’ll likely have to wait several years before the next version is published – and by then it may already be too late!

When you engage the services of a good estate planning lawyer in Lancaster County, you can rest assured that he or she, as well as the firm they represent, is fully committed to fulfilling your wishes after you pass. That means they take on the responsibility of administering your estate when the time comes. And all of that will be done in accordance to your wishes, and not some arbitrary decisions taken by squabbling relatives or the legal system. That too is something that a DIY kit will not offer.

So, if you want your hard earned assets that make up your estate to be protected in life as well as after, you should consult with a firm of professional estate planners. Not only will they offer you sound legal advice to protect your assets, but they will also counsel you on the steps you need to put in place now, while you are still around, in order to minimize the impact of taxes and probate fees. That way, you will get to leave more of your wealth to your heirs and designated inheritors.


Going and Plank has the most experienced estate planning lawyer Lancaster County that can help resolve all your legal estate planning challenges amicably and expeditiously!

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