Things to Consider before Hiring a Securities Attorney

by | Dec 13, 2012 | Attorney


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If you are involved with stocks, bonds, or mutual funds a securities attorney can be of help to you.  Whether you are an individual searching for a securities attorney or you are an investor that needs the services of a securities attorney you will do well by finding a good one.

Securities attorneys can help assist you with things such as initial public offerings, SEC filings, and legal disputes that involve broker fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and stockbroker negligence.

Before hiring a securities attorney you will want to take a few things into consideration.  You are going to have to find someone that you are comfortable telling everything to.  You will have to divulge quite a bit of personal information to whomever you hire so you will want to hire someone you can trust.  Also you need to make sure that the attorney you hire actually seems interested in your case. There is nothing worse than telling someone your story and seeing them get slowly slip into boredom as the minutes pass.  If he or she does not seem at all interested in what you have to say it may be a good time to continue with your search.

Before hiring your attorney you may also want to take into consideration how long they have been working in this position.  How many years has this securities attorney been practicing and how many cases has the attorney worked on similar to yours, may be a few of the questions you may want answers for prior to hiring them.

Another thing you may want to consider is how much the securities attorney is going to cost you.  If they charge you by the case or by the hour is a good question to get answers to.  Find out if the attorney can give you an estimate of how much they will charge for your particular case.  Yet another thing to consider is how close the attorney’s office is you to your home.  You may likely be spending quite a bit of time at the attorney’s office and if they are far away from your location this can potentially pose a problem of time for you.  There may be days when you will need to get to his or her office quickly and if they are not near by this will not be an easy task.

If you need help finding a securities attorney you can always go online to a site called  There you will be able to browse securities lawyers by location.  This should help to narrow your search down and make it easy for you to locate one in your area.

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