What is the Trademark Law, Missouri?

A trademark is basically something that differentiates a product or service of a specific service provider from the rest. The trademark could be a slogan, word, design, symbol or basically a combination of one or all of this. Trademark law is basically a word used to encompass similar identifiers of a service or product. It is important for every business to have a trademark for its products and services in order to maintain a competitive edge. Failure to trademark can lead to the acquisition of the product by other service providers who might trademark it and claim ownership.

What is the purpose of a trademark?

The primary goal of the trademark law, Missouri is to prevent unfair competition. It prevents the resale of a product owned by a company by another individual or firm. The law also creates confidence in the consumers who know that the product or service they are getting from a certain trademarked firm will be of the same quality they have always had. In general, the law assures consumers of a specific standard of quality on a specific product.

Additionally, the trademark law helps protect the investment of the product inventor. It can be frustrating to spend loads of time and money only for your product to be acquired by a different firm that sells it at a loss. The law helps the product developers to reap the benefits by giving them the sole ownership of their product. It prevents others from using the trademark of a product and profiting from it at the expense of the original owner.

What determines the value of a trademark?

The value of the trademark is determined by the goodwill or strength of the association. This is the association between the source and the trademark. The consumers also have a significant impact on the value of the set trademark.

How does a trademark differ from a trade name and a copyright?

Copyrights basically protect the original work and the individual who invented it. The trade name, on the other hand, identifies the business and is meant for non-marketing purposes. A trademark is what identifies the commercial services and products produced by a specific firm. At times, it is easy to confuse the three for a trademark. This is why you should consider hiring an expert knowledgeable in the trademark law, Missouri. His experience will enable you benefit from your investment devoid of frustrations.

What next after a trademark?

The trademark law dictates that the manufacturer makes proper use of the trademark. The quality should not be compromised in any way. When the quality is compromised, it also compromises the value of the trademark. Maintaining a distinctive product quality will make your mark stronger.


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