Three Best Benefits to Domestic Partnership According to Domestic Relation Lawyer in Fair Oaks, CA

A domestic partnership is a nice alternative to marriage for couples that want a few of the advantages of marriage without taking the full dive. It is a viable option, but many see it as relatively pointless, especially after same-sex marriage was legalized in the United States. Domestic partnerships were originally organized as a way to protect same-sex couples, but now that it is legal across the board, is it a dated concept? A domestic relation lawyer in Fair Oaks, CA takes a look at the three reasons why this may not be so.

A Single Document

In most instances, a single filing will confirm a domestic partnership status. No ceremony, no frustrating series of documents and verifications. A couple will only have to file with the state registry to confirm their status as domestic partners. This is something easily settled with a domestic relation lawyer in Fair Oaks, CA.

Healthcare Benefits

Perhaps the biggest reason is the health benefits. Most insurance policies will recognize a domestic partnership in their policy. Specifically, both partners can be covered under one healthcare policy if they are officially documented as domestic partners. This will require the minimum timeframe for living at the same address, as well as the state registry filing.

A Nice Step Forward

Marriage is a massive endeavor, and there are social and cultural implications involved. Filing as a domestic partner can have relationship benefits. It can act as a suitable step forward in a relationship, without necessarily diving headfirst into a marriage. Due to the overwhelming rate of divorce, perhaps more couples should consider the strategy prior to marriage.

Visit the Law Office of Hugh O. Allen for more on domestic partnerships. Any of the team members can help answer legal questions about status. It is not the most progressive idea out there, but it is a nice stepping stone to more. Furthermore, clients can take advantage of benefits including, but not limited to, healthcare coverage. Partners can protect each other with a domestic status. It will be fascinating to see if the concept stands the test of time in the aftermath of the same-sex legality.

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