What Are the Expectations of a Divorce Lawyer in Winnebago County, IL?

In Illinois, divorce petitioners have certain expectations when approaching a divorce attorney. These expectations are based on the desires of the petitioner when filing for a divorce. It is the responsibility of their attorney to reflect the rights of the petitioner. The following is information about the expectations of a divorce lawyer in Winnebago County, IL.

Achieving an Uncontested Divorce

The most suitable outcome for divorce petitioners is to achieve an uncontested divorce. Under these circumstances, the defendant doesn’t choose to fight against the divorce. When this happens, the petitioner won’t face major delays in finalizing the divorce. If the divorce is contested, it is possible that a divorce trial will be necessary. If this is the case, it could take up to two years to finalize the divorce.

Creating an Amicable Agreement

The agreement must reflect a plan for dividing all marital assets and making decisions about children. The agreement must itemize assets and show which party acquires them in the divorce. Additionally, it must address factors such as who receives pension plans and which party pays the current income tax requirements.

Securing Assets for the Client

If an issue arises concerning assets, the attorney must need to schedule mediation. This action allows each party to discuss their wishes to arrive at a final agreement. If a prenuptial agreement exists, the terms could assist in eliminating the issues and provide certain protection for the petitioner.

Establishing the Most Suitable Custody and Support Plan

The couple must make decisions about child custody and support. They must create a plan that allows each party to share equal time with the child. The non-custodial parent must pay child support payments to provide additional financial support to balance out the earning capacity of each parent.

In Illinois, divorce petitioners assess their expectations when starting a divorce claim. They approach certain decisions based on their wishes but also to achieve an uncontested divorce. The attorney can help them to define areas in which some compromises are necessary. Petitioners who need to speak to a divorce lawyer in Winnebago County, IL can contact the law office of Crosby & Associates.

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