All You Need to Know About a Probate Law Attorney

Most people believe in planning the end of their lives so that they can leave their family with financial stability for their future needs. Those who have managed to secure investments are usually advised by a Probate law attorney Orange County to plan and organise these investments in terms of how they will be distributed to their loved ones when they are deceased.

The probate process is very important because of the many unclaimed assets in Orange County. The Government has taken an initiative to make its citizens aware of the unclaimed assets by informing them of their existence and urging them to claim them. This process can become complicated if handled inappropriately hence the need of a Probate law attorney. This attorney will ensure that the months of frustration that a beneficiary has encountered in trying to prove the validity of the filed claim is rewarded.

The process that Probate law involves includes:

* Validating the beneficiaries or heirs of one’s will and other documents. This process must be handled in a legal way for it to be enforced and that is where a Probate law attorney Orange County comes in. Firstly, he or she collects the property of a deceased person and assists in paying any debts that the estate has incurred.

* He is also involved in gathering and sometimes claiming money that the estate owes.

* A Probate law attorney  also handles and resolves disputes that arise with financial and lending  institutions that the deceased dealt with including overseeing the legal distribution of assets to the beneficiaries written on the deceased’s will.

* Sometimes, a will might not stipulate how the estate should be distributed to the beneficiaries. That is why a probate attorney will hold meetings with these heirs and listen keenly to their wishes and determine how the assets will be distributed legally based on their wishes.

Different attorneys charge differently depending on the value of the estate because the estate takes the responsibility of paying the debts that are incurred in the probate process. Some of the debts include administration fees incurred by auctioneers and accounting firms, the attorney’s fees and court fees.

In an effort to plan their life, the senior members of the society are usually concerned about their retirement savings. In most cases they try to avoid overspending in nursing homes and other long-term costs incurred for their care. The elderly also have a wish that their homes and real estate will end up in the right hands because of the possibility of losing their investments to the government because it is evident that unclaimed assets usually become the property of the government. That is why an efficient and knowledgeable attorney will work hard to ensure that someone’s investment does not end up in the hands of the government.

Probate Attorney Orange County – The Probate process can be a smooth or difficult process depending on the knowledge and experience of the attorney. For more information on getting the best representation, visit


Attorney Orange County

Attorney Orange County

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