Bailbonds in Fort Worth – Ensuring Secure and Quicker Release

by | Sep 13, 2012 | Law


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Anyone in his/her life may need the services of an attorney or a lawyer, so it is highly important to know about the reputed lawyers in your area. Whether you require services for criminal cases, family violation, personal injury, DUI/DWI defense or bail bonds then, a Fort Worth lawyer can be contacted to help you out in your difficult situation. To solve the case it is extensively important to hire a lawyer having years of experience in that field to make you available with desired the steps and result to make it smooth. Every client case is different, so the pre-preparations are different as well and depends on the unique requirement and sensitivities of the charges being imposed. Each case should be solely handled by a single attorney in order to deliver better results.

The Bailbonds amenities in Fort Worth enables you to get your friends and family members from jail by hiring a professional bail bondsman. If your loved one, either a family member or a friend is in jail, irrespective of the reason, you have to consult a bail bondsman in Fort Worth to carry out the necessary procedures and steps.
Bail bondsman is the person who pays the whole amount of the individual’s bail and charge a small fee in return. They help in fulfilling various court requirements to release the person quickly. Following are main bail bonds types mainly used in industry

Property bond

When an individual is arrested because of major offense and is unable to pay the bond amount, then they follow property bond. In this situation, the individual puts forward the rights to valuable personal assets like land, house, cars, business and similar things with an equal bond value. Once the entire process of court hearings is complete, they can get back their property.

Surety bond

Surety Bond is also named as the bail bond and is highly used bond in this industry. The bail bondsmen or the agent manages a bail bond and charge a non-refundable fee mainly 10 to 15% of the entire bond amount. The Bailbonds procured by an agent in Fort Worth promises a faster release instead of waiting for the court which may take months or years and hence they are a good option to go with.

Released in recognition

This bond is largely used in case of minor offenses such as traffic violation. In this situation the individual is released on his own recognition, but the federal law permits him to leave the jail only by mutual understanding that he will appear on his scheduled hearing date and should avoid any criminal behavior.

Another popular bond is the release on citation. This is usually used in case of minor crimes such as jaywalking. This strategy is mainly used to avoid overcrowding in local jails and overcrowding in cities and Countries. For all types of bail bonds your family member or friend and lawyer has to sign a few documents necessary for various trial purposes. Sometimes a financial guarantee is also demanded along with the surety.

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