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by | May 6, 2013 | Law


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When people get a divorce it is known as dissolution of marriage. When trying to find a Divorce Attorney Long Island, some issues need to be considered. The types of issues that are handled during this process are alimony which is spousal support, child custody, and distribution of property, child support and splitting all items in half amongst both parties. When women get divorced it allows for them to marry into a new union. Divorces are a stressful situation for both parties; it affects everything from living arrangements, finances, and household jobs. When parties apply for divorce in most jurisdictions a divorce must be ordered by either a court of law or a judge.

If dealing with a simple divorce, some of the key factors include marriages that last less than five years; no children were procreated during the marriage. The property and other items of the marriage are around $35,000 but not including vehicles. Each of the parties personal values need to be under $35,000 as well. Uncontested divorce is typically when the two parties are upon agreement of all items considered without the need of a lawyer or mediator. Typically with uncontested divorces, if everything is fair and in equal value between both parties a judge will typically sign off on the divorce. The cost of uncontested divorce usually varies between $75 and $350 for the simple divorce filing.

The other types of divorces are collaborative and mediated divorce. The different types of effects that divorces can have can be behavioral, psychological and even academic. Children of divorced families exhibit more behavioral issues then of marriages that do not result in a divorce. Some studies have been done, the findings of the studies is that some families have had a positive effect on the household because of conflict in the home is less. Another study has also shown children of a divorced family typically have lower academic achievements versus children that are in a family there together. You should never choose a divorce due to advertisement in phone books, radio or the Internet. When trying to decide on a Divorce Attorney Long Island, due diligence and research can ultimately help you and your children in the long run.


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