How an Accident Attorney prepares a case

Even when personal injury cases do not go before a jury, an accident attorney in Queens NY will still spend a significant amount of time for preparation just in case it goes to trial. This involves drafting court motions, attending hearings, conducting discovery, i.e. the stage of a hearing when parties are allowed to ask questions and request for documents. In most cases, a discovery request would require lots of paperwork.

Preparing for a personal injury case also involves meeting witnesses for interviews and producing affidavits. To build a strong case, the lawyer has to elicit expert testimony to support the claims of the client. In some cases, the facts may remain in dispute or all parties may not be willing to compromise. In such situations, an accident attorney in Queens NY will have to appear in court and provide the best defence for the client.

Questions to ask an accident attorney Queens NY

Accident victims may have injuries that require assistance of an accident lawyer. Clients should seek attorneys who will provide the most beneficial legal services. This increases the likelihood of winning a case. The client should be comfortable with the attorney and know how the legal professional would handle the case.

Ask the attorney how they attained their academic credentials. Find out if the attorney went through specialized training on personal injury. Ask the lawyer how long he has been practicing personal injury law.

Successful cases
Inquire about the attorney’s success rate when handling personal injury cases. Ask if he has handled similar cases in the past and the outcome of such cases. Obtain numbers which will help evaluate the attorney’s rate of success.

Find out how the attorney will make decisions during trial and in negotiations. If a client chooses to have an attorney take their case, will the lawyer consult them before making any decision or just inform them on the significant concerns and make decisions on the rest?

Find out how the lawyer expects to get payment for his services. Ask if he will charge a retainer fee and if it’s refundable. Also, ask if he can take the case and get paid a contingency fee. This means the attorney will only receive payment when a settlement is made.

Clients should consider other important factors before hiring an accident attorney. They should conduct sufficient research before hiring legal representation. It’s also important to run a background check on the potential attorney to get a feel of how he will handle their cases. Go through the agreement paper before signing the final contract. When hiring, consider accident lawyers who are experts in the specific injuries suffered.
Clients need to choose reputable attorneys to represent their interests. Expert and experienced attorneys stand a good chance of getting a good settlement or providing competent representation in case the suit goes to trial.


An accident attorney in Queens NY can answer questions relating to clients’ cases. Find an attorney that can advise clients on personal injury lawsuits and helps them get a fair settlement. Visit for more details.

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