Interviewing a Divorce Lawyer is Required

Before a person ever hires a divorce lawyer, they should always take the time to go through an interview process of all of the available candidates in the Ventura area. Going through a divorce is often very difficult, emotional, and stressful. It is absolutely very important that a person feels completely comfortable in talking with a divorce lawyer before they make the hire.


Practically any divorce lawyer in Ventura offers a free initial consultation. This is typically a standard protocol. Now some law firms may establish some parameters such as only one hour of free consultation. Other law firms may not have any restrictions set and may sit there and hear the entire case without the potential client incurring any charges. It is important for a divorcee to take advantage of the free initial consultation and interview as many potential lawyers as possible. The divorcee can then make a reasonable judgment on which lawyer or law firm will suit their needs and which ones may provide the highest level of comfort.



Every interview of a divorce lawyer in Ventura should include a discussion of fees. Now the lawyers are obviously only able to give estimates on how much it could possibly cost a divorcee. There may be some things that pop up that mean more time and work for the divorce lawyer which would in turn mean more costs, but for the most part their estimates should be fairly accurate. If a divorce lawyer is hesitant to offer any sort of an estimate or offer any real explanation as to why they cannot provide an estimate, then this is typically a huge red flag and the divorcee is probably better off going with another divorce lawyer.

A lot can be learned about a divorce lawyer during a face to face interview. A divorcee can usually tell right away the interest level from the divorce lawyer. If they are easily distracted by phone calls or see to have their mind somewhere else, then it is pretty obvious that they do not place a very high priority on the case at hand. In this case, the divorce should probably move onto another lawyer or law firm. If, on the other hand, the lawyer is very engaging in the conversation then chances are they are really interest in taking on the case.

Just like with anything else, a person should never just go with the first choice without at least looking at other choices. The first choice may end up being the one, but without a good comparison a divorcee would be doing themselves a disservice. They need to take the emotion out of it and diligently go through the process.


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