Personal Injury Attorneys in Olympia WA Help Clients Obtain Reasonable Settlements Out of Court

A person who is seriously injured in an accident caused by someone’s carelessness or negligence may feel like it has to be a bad dream. The first hours and days typically fly by as the individual may undergo surgery and spends time recovering in the hospital. Especially after returning home, reality may truly set in for the first time as bills pile up and the person cannot return to work yet. Personal Injury Attorneys in Olympia WA help when insurance companies drag their feet on paying deserved compensation or make settlement offers that are unreasonably low.

With the help of Personal Injury Attorneys in Olympia WA, the person begins to exit that nightmare and have hope that things will be at least somewhat OK again. In some instances, the doctors will not foresee a complete recovery, and the client should expect a much higher settlement amount. There should be significant additional compensation when doctors predict a lifetime of chronic pain, even if that discomfort is not severe. If the individual is now in any way disabled because of the accident, even partially so, a monetary amount should be designated for this disability as well.

When an insurance company still refuses to pay an amount that the lawyer and the client believe is reasonable, the lawyer will bring the case to trial. Usually, nobody really wants this to happen. It means the client has to wait significantly longer to receive any money, and there’s no guarantee a jury or a trial judge will take the plaintiff’s side. The trial may not be scheduled on the docket for six months to a year. The insurer doesn’t want to go to court because it’s expensive and the jury or a civil court judge could actually award the plaintiff more compensation than the lawyer had been asking for. Fortunately, a large majority of personal injury cases never go to trial. Some 95 percent are settled out of court, according to research by the U.S. federal government. An injured person who is dealing with the aftermath of the accident may want to Meet Putnam Lieb Potvin at the website.

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