Should You Hire A Disability Lawyer?

The greatest majority of people that apply for Social Security disability benefits find that their application is denied. Approximately 75 percent of all applications are denied; it is at this time that many applicants turn to disability attorneys in Missouri too help them appeal this decision. There are numerous reasons why hiring an attorney is a good choice.

Attorney’s fees:

When you hire a skilled disability attorney you will only have to pay his or her fee once they are successful in getting your claim approved, and even then, the fee is capped by the government. Disability attorneys in Missouri are allowed to charge their clients 25 percent of the past-due benefits you are awarded or $6,000 maximum.

Attorneys know what evidence to submit:

The biggest factor that the Administration takes into account is proper and precise medical evidence. It is easy to understand that an applicant can easily become confused as to what should be included, in many cases too much irrelevant data is submitted and too little of what is needed is included.

Disability attorneys know what is expected by the Administration. When you hire an attorney, he or she will review the data you have and decide what else is required to put forward a compelling argument. The attorney will ensure that only relevant information is provided; no more and no less.

Attorneys understand the hearing process:

Once you appeal reaches the hearing stage you will be very happy that you decided to hire a seasoned attorney. Disability attorneys go through hearings on a regular basis, they know from experience what to expect and how to deal with it. Experienced attorneys also know the Administrative Law Judges in their district; they know how every judge conducts his or her hearing which allows your attorney to tailor your appeal in the best possible way.

Experienced disability attorneys in Missouri can make a big difference in the outcome of your Social Security disability benefits application. For a no obligation consultation you are invited to contact the Grundy Disability Group, LLC.

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