The Basics Of The Texas Lemon Law

If you purchase a new car in Texas only to find later that it does not perform the way it should and it has continuous problems then the Texas Lemon Law may help get you a refund of your original purchase price or a replacement automobile.

What is the basic premise of the law?

The Texas Lemon Law applies to new vehicles that have been purchased or leased. If the vehicle develops a problem that substantially impairs the use of the vehicle or has a negative impact on the vehicles value or safety, you can apply for relief under the terms of the law.

The law expects that you will give the manufacturer ample opportunity to remedy the defect before taking action. The number of attempts to affect the repair is based on the impact on normal operation of the vehicle.

What are considered “reasonable attempts?”

* The four times test: If you take the car in for repair for the same problem twice in the first year and twice in the second year since it was purchased and the problem has not been rectified; you pass this test.

* Safety hazard test: Any defect that causes a life-threatening situation, creates a fire hazard or impedes the control of the vehicle is construed a serious safety hazard. If the car has been in for repair once in the first year and once again in the second year and the problem persist; you pass this test.

* Thirty day test: If your new car is off the road and unavailable for your use due to repair a defect as described for a total of 30 days or more and the dealer has not provided you with a loan vehicle while your car is unavailable; you pass this test.

If you feel that the car you bought is truly a lemon in the eyes of the Texas Lemon Law you are advised to contact a lemon law lawyer.

The Texas Lemon Law allows you to get a refund or a replacement in the event your new car fails to meet specific tests. For further information you are invited to visit the web site of Lemon Law America.

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