Truck Accident Closes Freeway, Sends Injured Victim to Hospital


A semi truck flipped over in an accident and spilled the flour it was carrying all over U.S. 59 going through downtown Houston earlier this month. As a result of the truck accident, officials were forced to close the freeway near the accident site while crews attempted to remove the spilled cargo from the roadway.

The accident involving the truck and another vehicle occurred during the morning rush hour on the northbound Southwest Freeway, according to Houston police. Authorities said the truck was traveling north when it collided with another vehicle. The collision caused the truck to slam into the concrete barrier dividing the freeway. The impact with the barrier led to the truck overturning on the freeway and that is when the truck’s cargo of flour emptied onto the road.

The other driver sustained serious injuries and was rushed to a Houston hospital. The truck driver was not injured in the accident. Houston police are trying to determine what led the truck to hit the other vehicle. The freeway was closed at the accident location for several hours while workers cleared the debris and cleaned up the flour. Area residents were asked to avoid the area and to take the Loop instead. The freeway was reopened after about four hours.

Given their weight and massive size, when a truck is involved in an accident, it often causes serious damage to both property and persons. It is often the case that a truck accident can occur because the truck has not been properly maintained by the shipping company that owns it. In other instances, the truck has not been loaded properly and shifting weight within the truck can cause the driver to lose control. Sometimes an accident is due to driver fatigue because drivers or their companies attempt to skirt safety requirements regarding the number of hours or rest drivers need in between runs.

Whatever the cause, if you have been injured in an accident involving a truck, multiple parties could be responsible and all of them should be help accountable for compensating you for your injuries, your time off from work, loss of future income, the suffering you and your family have been through, and any other expenses related to the accident. It is possible that if a truck was involved, your injuries are serious enough that they will require long-term, if not permanent care. By contacting a truck accident attorney in Houston with expertise in truck accident cases, you can ensure that you will not have to settle for what you deserve and that you will receive remuneration from all responsible parties. Your truck accident attorney in Houston will work to ensure that you get the care and the compensation you deserve. Call a truck accident attorney in Houston today.

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