What To Look For In A Divorce Lawyer

There have been many changes in family law over the last several decades.  Some of the things that have changed are equitable distribution instead of common law marriages, laws to protect military spouses, guidelines for child support, and many local laws that have been promulgated in the many circuit courts.  This is why having a divorce lawyer in Long Island is so important if you are planning on getting divorced.  Having someone that deals with this specialty of law will likely benefit you greatly.

If you know a lawyer, you may ask if there is a divorce lawyer in Long Island that they would recommend.  There may be someone in their firm that handles divorce cases, or they have likely heard of lawyers that could help you.  You may also know people who have gotten divorced and may be able to recommend someone as well.  The internet is also a good place to look for a divorce lawyer; there are websites that will provide reviews.

When you begin looking for a divorce lawyer, you will want to speak with more than one lawyer before you make a final decision.  Many lawyers will give you a free hour to discuss your case.  This will give you a chance to meet with the lawyer and see if you think they will be a good fit for your situation.

When looking for a divorce lawyer in Long Island you want to find one that has experience in handling divorces.  By finding a divorce lawyer that has extensive experience they will likely also be familiar with the different judges and know the best way to approach each.  You want a lawyer that will know when it is time to settle.  Will your lawyer suggest other avenues of mediation or do they want to head straight to court?  Being able to settle most of your divorce outside of court will allow you and your ex to be more creative in how you settle matters.

You will also what to inquire into your lawyer’s case load.  Do they take every case that walks through the door?  Or do they limit the number of cases they handle at one time so they can give each the time and attention they deserve?  This is a life changer for you and your children if you have any.  You want someone you can lean on and trust to help you make the right decisions.




Finding a divorce lawyer long islandthat you feel comfortable with may take some time. Get as many references as possible and meet with a few lawyers before you make your final decision on your divorce lawyer Long Island.

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