Two-Car Accident Results in Three Injuries

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported last week on a two-car accident that resulted in three persons being injured. The accident occurred in Beaver County just a mile east of the Ohio border with one of the drivers seriously injured. At press time, it was unclear whether any of the victims had retained the services of a car accident attorney in Pittsburgh.

Law enforcement officials have determined that the car accident occurred when one vehicle tried to pass the other. State police say that the two cars were eastbound on SR 4002. One vehicle struck the fender of the other in an attempt to pass on the two-lane road. One car left the road and struck a tree. The other car also went off the road and was upside down when it came to a stop.

Injured in the car accident was one man from Ohio who was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries. The injuries, however, did not appear to be life-threatening. Two others, both from Wampum, PA sustained moderate injuries, according to police on the scene, and were transported to the hospital, as well. Information was not available as to whether any citations had yet been issued.

Whenever a serious car accident occurs, it is a good idea for victims to contact an attorney here in Pittsburgh to represent them. Hiring an attorney does not necessarily mean that anyone wants to get involved in a lawsuit, rather, a car accident attorney in Pittsburgh can help to protect your rights and make sure that you receive all of the compensation that you deserve.

Sometimes, having an attorney to represent you helps medical, insurance, and other legal professionals to take you seriously and to understand that you are determined to get the best care and the fairest settlement to which you are entitled. Often a trial or a lawsuit is totally unnecessary because your attorney can help to convince everyone involved of what a just settlement would look like long before it gets to the point of going to court.

A car accident attorney in Pittsburgh can also help you to obtain compensation that you may not have even thought of after your car accident. Such compensation might include getting a rental car for you while your car is in the shop, negotiating with the insurance company regarding the diminished value of your vehicle, or getting benefits for loss of a quality of life for you or for your spouse.

There are so many details with which to deal when you have been in a car accident. Help to reduce the stress and to get what you deserve in terms of compensation by hiring an experienced and qualified car accident attorney in Pittsburgh who will aggressively pursue your settlement and get you the justice you deserve.


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