Determining Your Benefit Payments

Something you may not be familiar with in regards to work comp eligibility is the burden of proof is on the employee. It is the employee that must prove that they are entitled to receive workers compensation benefits. Since the initial burden is on the employee it may be worth getting a work comp attorney MN involved early on. Your attorney will help you get the necessary information together for beginning the claim.

Some of the things you will be required to provide as an injured employee are: that you notified your employer of the accident or injury within the time limit set by law. All employers should have a first report of injury form. Whenever an employee is injured one of these forms should be filled out. You will have to have some kind of medical report indicating that the injury for which the benefits will be paid was caused or aggravated by the on the job accident. That you were employed by your employer when the accident happened and the injuries were sustained while performing authorized work.

As with any benefit that may result in a large sum of money to be paid out, there could be disagreements between the employee and the work comp provider. Having a work comp attorney MN to step in on your behave can help settle these differences much faster. Even after the initial claim has been settled and you start receiving benefits, there will be discussions about how long you will continue to receive benefits.

Your eligibility to continue getting benefits will depend on the type and severity of your injuries or disability. If you are receiving any kind of medical treatments there could be discussions whether the prescribed treatments are necessary. They may question the cost of treatments, therapies, or medications. If you will be able to return to your previous job and if not, what will you be able to do? If light duty is recommended, will it be short term or permanent? As you work your way through all of these situations you may find having a workers comp attorney MN to guide you will be to your benefit.

Workers comp insurance is one of the most heavily regulated lines of insurance. But even with all that oversight it is still a mine field to negotiate. Having someone with you that is experienced in handling these claims will help to reduce your stress.


Having the counsel and expertise of a workers comp attorney MN to resolve these issues and other areas of dispute can be invaluable. It is in any employee’s best interest to retain an experienced workers comp attorney MN.

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