Make Your Children Your Priority

by | Apr 3, 2012 | Law


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Most divorces involving children end with the mother having primary custody of them while the father has visitation and pays child support. Austin is no different than any other city in the United States in this regard, and Texas laws are pretty stiff for men (or women) who fail to make child support payments. You can lose your driver’s license and be subject to garnishment of your wages, seizure of your tax refunds, the freezing of your passport and other difficulties.

The concept of child support stems from a legal responsibility that every parent has for every child born in the United States. Whether divorced or not, every parent is responsible for the care and health of his or her minor children. In the case of divorce, the responsibility does not go away just because the couple is no longer together. Even if you rarely see or interact with your kids, you are still responsible for their care. In cases of a Texas divorce, the general responsibility is narrowed into the more defined judgment of a court, making you legally bound to make a specified number of payments of a certain amount of money for child support. Austin lawyers and family law experts can help you if you are unable to make payments, or if your situation has changed significantly since the original judgment was made.

Child support in Austin is determined by several factors, including the incomes of both parents, the number of children you have, your assets and expenses, your visitation schedule and other considerations. If you lose a job or can only find work doing something that pays less than what you made when the court ordered the child support, Austin family law attorneys can help you to amend your agreement to reflect your changing circumstance, and possibly lower the amount you owe. However, you may still owe back child support if you have missed several payments in the past, and you will have to factor in those amounts in order to repay the total amount owed.

If you are legally obligated to pay child support, Austin family law attorneys and/or state officials can pursue you and even arrest you if you continuously fail to make them. They are your responsibility, and it isn’t one that will ever just go away; back child support can still be collected after your children grow up and become adults. Your best option is to take it seriously and regard it primarily as your contribution to the security and health of your children.

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