Why Some Couples Choose Divorce Mediation Long Island

by | Oct 5, 2012 | Law


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Theres nothing easy about going through a divorce, but that doesn’t mean you cant take steps to make it a little more bearable. One of the things that can help ease the stress of a divorce will be taking advantage of divorce mediation Long Island. Experts have studied couples who skipped the mediation and couples who took advantage of the opportunity to sit down and talk with their attorneys present. In the end, the couples who selected mediation found were generally a great deal happier with the final results.

Not every divorce mediation Long Island is the same. Lawyers usually present their clients with two options. Some clients choose to get everybody in the same room to discuss the terms of their divorce. Other couples arrange things so that one half of the divorcing couple meets with both lawyers at time. This is a good choice for couples who can’t be the same room with one another without getting into a huge fight.

The biggest reason that the divorce mediation Long Island tends to make couples happier than straight litigation will be that when the couple goes through litigation, they lose control over the situation. The final results of the divorce depend entirely on what a judge decides. During the divorce mediation Long Island, the couple relearns how to communicate with one another. They will learn how to deal with conflicts in a reasonably and rationale manner. It’s the children that get the most benefit from divorce mediation Long Island since the divorcing parents learn how to co-parent.

The biggest reason that many people don’t take advantage of divorce mediation Long Island has to do with the fact that the idea scares them. Many hear the words mediation and panic. They have no idea what to expect from the process, and they reject the opportunity to come up with a smoother, less emotionally fraught solution to their marriage.

Some people get intimidated by the price of the divorce mediation Long Island. The exact cost of the process depends on the types of issues that need to be addressed, the communication skills of the divorcing couple, and how many assets need to be divided. It’s not unusual for some law firms to charge up to $300 an hour, though some have a smaller hourly fee. Rather than hearing the cost, couples need to think about how much formal litigation will cost, as well as what they want their life to be like after the divorce has been finalized.

Every person going through a divorce owes it to themselves to discuss whether or not they should try to mediate their divorce instead of taking things straight to divorce court. Many couples have been surprised by how well the mediation process worked for them.

When it comes to divorce mediation Long Island, the attorneys at Jaspan Schlesinger LLP have the skill and experience necessary to handle the process quickly and expertly.


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