Why You Need A Social Security Disability Attorney

by | Feb 16, 2013 | Lawyers


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The short answer to that statement is that your application will categorically be denied the first time you try to apply on your own. It may be the way you answered one tiny question wrong, a box you misunderstood an answered in the Social Security Administrations opinion incorrectly, or the way your doctor wrote up something in your medical chart. The fact is that applying for disability without a Social Security disability attorney will only delay your ever getting the income you feel you’re entitled to.

The one good thing about using a Social Security disability attorney is that even though the process is a lengthy one, once your disability claim is approved the payment is retroactive. Meaning, if you apply in January of 2013 and your approved in March of 2014 the Social Security Administration will determine your monthly benefit and pay you one lump sum for each of the months during your application process. So if your monthly award amount, based on your lifetime earnings is $1,000 a month, in March of 2014 they will send you your approval information and benefit check of $14,000.

This is why a Social Security disability attorney does your entire application process without payment. They know that they must achieve a successful claim process for them to earn any payment for their efforts. It doesn’t come out of your pocket, only out of your initial award amount.
See the process is very rigid in its appropriation of government funds, which is essentially what the disability process is. You are filing once for a government appropriation, which includes all the government like red tape, and once your approved you receive five years of funding every month.

After the first twenty four months, from the date of first application you are awarded Medicare health insurance for the entire duration of your disability status. All awardees are sent to a doctor of the Social Security Administrations choosing both at the third step of the application process, as well as five years after the applications first date. It’s at this five year mark that a different doctor of the Social Security Administration’s choosing is hired to be a third party who is not invested and gives a unbiased performance test to verify that the recipient is in fact still permanently disabled. It’s a Social Security disability attorney that’s qualified to walk you through this maze of an application process and see that you come out with the income you desire.


If you believe you are entitled to Social Security Disability benefits don’t waste a year trying to negotiate this involved process on your own. We at John E. Horne have negotiated this arduous process for thousands of others in the Chicagoland area, and we can help you.


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