Could You Benefit From the Help of a Divorce Lawyer in Nassau County NY?

With divorce rates rising, the services of a Divorce Lawyer in Nassau County NY are needed more than ever. When a person is ending their marriage, they may not be aware of the laws for divorce in New York. Though some people mistakenly believe they can take care of the divorce without the aid of a lawyer, they could be sorely mistaken. Having a lawyer protect a client’s rights and interests throughout a divorce can make a big difference in its outcome.

Divorce begins with a petition filed through the court office. The petition for divorce involves filling out some paperwork and providing a grounds for the divorce. A grounds is the reason for the divorce. No-fault grounds are most commonly used in states where this reason is allowed. Fault grounds require proof to be submitted to the court and generally cover abuse, neglect and adultery. A Divorce Lawyer in Nassau County NY can help his client understand the ramifications of each type so the right choice can be made.

Many divorces are settled amicably between the parties and their attorneys. This means the divorce was not contested. Contested divorces often require the involvement of a court hearing to determine the a decision on the many aspects of ending a marriage such as child custody, spousal and child support, property distribution and debt settlement. Family law judges now cover all of the aspects surrounding a divorce so the family does not have to stand before multiple courts.

A marriage is considered legally over once the judge has issued a divorce order. Any divorce settlement agreements are legally binding between both parties in the divorce. Should any amendments need to be made or problems addressed, these can be brought back before the judge as needed.

If you are facing the end of your marriage, promptly call The Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel. Allow the office to schedule you a consultation appointment so you can speak with a lawyer about your divorce case. Working with a lawyer will give you great peace of mind in knowing your case is in good hands. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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