Find a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Kansas Who Will Help You Understand Your Options

Tough times fall upon many people from time to time. Unfortunately, people sometimes end up losing personal property during their unfortunate crisis. The situation may be so bad that even the home may be in danger of being taken. At such critical hours, it becomes necessary to seek legal assistance. You can Find a bankruptcy lawyer in Kansas who will be able to assist you with your financial woes. Case, Moses & Zimmerman are lawyers who practice bankruptcy law in Wichita, Kansas. They want to help you understand bankruptcy laws in Kansas, so that you will be in a better position to pursue your options.

The 2005 Bankruptcy Act mandates that all individuals who would file bankruptcy on or after October 17, 2005, to have credit counseling within six months before filing bankruptcy and to also complete an instructional course on financial management after filing for bankruptcy. Under that same act, your income and expenses are assessed to see if you qualify for Chapter 7 or if you are required to file Chapter 13. The decision to determine which type of bankruptcy you qualify for is done by a means test. Your 6 month average income is measured against the median income for the state. If your income falls below that median, then you qualify for Chapter 7; otherwise, you will have to file a Chapter 13. However, if you are still unable to pay at least $100 a month over the next five years to your creditors (after your expenses), you may still be able to qualify for Chapter 7. You will need to gather your paperwork to prepare for bankruptcy filing.

Case, Moses & Zimmerman are available to help you in this process, as it can get quite complex. They have more than 180 years of combined experience in which to assist you. Their reputation as a leading bankruptcy and business law firm in the Wichita and southern Kansas area precedes them. They are experienced in Chapter 7, Chapter 11 (for businesses), Chapter 12 (for farmers) and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. To Find a bankruptcy lawyer in Kansas who offer a wide range of bankruptcy services, you can contact Case, Moses & Zimmerman in one of their locations or visit their website,



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